My Cousin's Beautifully Handcrafted Candyland Quilt

My Cousin's Beautifully Handcrafted Candyland Quilt

A quilt that my cousin Alyce crafted reminds me of my childhood.  The geometric shapes in the pattern and the display of colors bring to mind a printed picture on one of the board games I often played with my brother Stu.  We would play first and then fight over the clean-up.

When we were younger, Alyce and I never had the fun of engaging in any board games together or the battles over any messy cleanup.  Nowadays, however, we never get bored with writing daily emails to one another and learning more and more about our related past.

Alyce grew up nearby.  In my youth, I saw her more than rarely and less than frequently.  Ten years my senior, she married and moved away when I was just a tween.  A social worker by profession, while living in the south, she took up quilting.  Her masterful works, like the one shown here, are occasionally posted on Facebook or attached to a private email.

As a genealogist, it is important to me to know all I can about family, including the talents and hobbies of my relatives.  My motto is that everyone deserves a legacy.

Why wait until a person is gone to talk about their place in the world and all that they had to offer.  Do you have a cousin who makes beautiful quilts?  The time to ask is now.